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GIMCO, an organization deemed to render services for the STONE Industry is a dream turned into reality through the commitment & dedication of a team of young engineers a decade ago. We enabled ourselves to be an integral part of our client’s operations backed by the knowledge we gained from our Principal Associates to outperform the competition. Our prime focus being qualitative and quantitative enhancements, we’ve been thriving in our field of expertise. From the early days, GIMCO grounded its roots deeper on the ETHICAL front of working which we inculcated with every member of GIMCO as a characteristic trait which is being nurtured and making us deliver our services with utmost dedication & pleasure.
Our Principal Associates who stand as Global Leaders in their scope of technological advancements and Product developments had chosen GIMCO to be their representing organization in India after evaluating the Strong Technical Skill Set existing with us which they identified and nurtured further for the fulfillment of Industry needs with E2E solutions.
Today where GIMCO is standing could never be achieved without the TRUST from our clients in giving this organization an opportunity to serve for the decades ahead which we never failed & would neither fail in future the TRUST vested upon us. We are reinventing ourselves every hour to fulfill the commitments we made to our customers and shall remain focused on our pathway to success in serving in all possible ways & means. Viz., Personal Service, 24/7 Helpline, GIMCO develops digital apps for your day to day assistance.
We love to remain at your finger tips & very soon shall be pleased to notify our presence in the GLOBAL Front making the dream turned vision to REALITY.


Our business is selling products and our mission is total customer satisfaction. We aim at solving problems innovatively, to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Customers for life. To earn our customer’s loyalty we listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create and add value. We strive to become India's most valued company to customers.


Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Adaptability, Passion, Diversity and Quality


First Mile-Stone of our Journey.

Stona 2018, Bangalore, India.


It happened because of you

Stonemart 2022, Jaipur, India.

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A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos
GIMCO associated with our Italian Principals who rendered their services remained a unparallel history for the development of the STONE sector in World Market. At every phase of transformation they remained unrivalled in terms of technical advancements and updating themselves with new technologies & now rendering the same to subcontinents for keeping natural stone to have its prime market share.
As a TECHNOLOGY Partner to our clientele, GIMCO holds a prime responsibility to cater to market needs & bridging the gaps in understanding the customer requirements and make them colloborated with the decades of experience & exposure from our principals like HEDEL, TECNOIDEA, NICOLAI, CMS INDUSTRIES, COMANDULLI, PROMETEC, DIAMOND SERVICE, VEEGOO, VINCENT, DD CHEM to deliver the best results with a motive to strive for EXCELLENCE for mutual benefits.

PROACTIVE & PREVENTIVE exercises is the necessity than being REACTIVE.

The need of hour being to avoid the frequent breakdowns, we at GIMCO evaluated to render our custom made feasible solutions in rendering Services towards the capital investments vested upon by our clients. The client ON-CALL service doesn't hold importance in current scenario. To avoid such interruptions GIMCO is offering custom made cost effective Service Solutions.
With a strong in house technical team expertised in Engineering streams of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, Computer Science & designers expertised in CAD Softwares for Stone applications, we at GIMCO are always available to render services through AMC which includes training program with assured improvement in the operational optimisation.

Never fall in love with an idea. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always another.

Chip Kidd
We believe that good design is not Exclusive but Inclusive. Working with us our customers shall have the option to work ONE - ON - ONE in reflecting their thoughts into a Nice Layout, Process Layouts & flexible plans which are suiting the budgetary requirements without effecting their Targets.
As DESIGN know no boundaries, its validity ranges from Mechanical to the latest COmmunication Technologies. We @ GIMCO thrive to keep ourself updated inorder to keep all our clients updated of the design changes in STONE industry from all streams of Engineering. This led us to evolve an option of developing IOT which shall ease all our clients in days to come.

Heading towards an IDEA turned to REALITY of being able to serve our CLIENTS before 9:00 & beyond 18:00

GIMCO @ 24/7
Happy to share the GIMCO - DIGITAL Connect Project which is taking a shape for the cause of an IDEA of providing round the clock assistance which would be possible in meeting the expectations of all our customers at no additional cost for a hassle free working.
GIMCO is sharing the futuristic approach to the service issues which may create production losses irrespective of the Principals which we represent or compete. The dedicated inhouse IT team rendering their years of experince in coding is very soon going to bridge the gap.

Heading towards an IDEA turned to REALITY of being able to serve our CLIENTS before 9:00 & beyond 18:00

GIMCO @ 24/7
Our GIMCO - DIGITAL Connect Initiative shall soon be able to connect across frontiers.
Our vision towards making GIMCO a World Class Service Provider with strong qualified engineers are now just a click away.

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